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My name is Mrs. Serina M. Gaines MPHIL, MBA, PMP.


I am a leadership and organizational strategist and CEO of Leadership Palace.


I have a passion for helping others discover their true success potential.

In my younger years, life was very difficult for me. Sometimes unbearable. I experienced many years of child abuse and suffered many more years from the effects of trauma. During my healing season, I developed a passion for helping other people succeed because it kept me from focusing on my own pain and disruption. Through the lives I have touched, I discovered that I was out of touch with my own true identity. Leading others before dealing with my own brokenness, left me feeling unauthentic. I decided to step back and focus on my own healing while immersing myself in my education. As I became stronger, healthier, and more resilient, I discovered that my fire for helping others was still burning. From that lingering passion, Leadership Palace was born. At Leadership Palace we believe that the best leaders are not just inspiring, influential, authentic, and collaborative, but they also value self-preservation, resilience, and wellness.

Connect with me across social media platforms to learn more about my journey and my passion for helping others maximize their potential. 

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